Dangers of hiring the wrong SEO Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) can make or break your website. It can guarantee a great position on search engines and millions of page views per day. On the other hand, it can damage your reputation and lead to a Google penalty for thin content, spam, etc. The quality and effectiveness of the optimization process depends on the company you hire. If the company uses accepted optimization tactics, it will offer white hat SEO services to improve your ranking. However, if the company you bring on board has no experience or expertise, you will reap the repercussions of bad hat SEO tactics. Bad hat strategies are as bad as buying something from the black market.

Here are three main dangers of hiring the wrong SEO company.
– Penalty for thin content
Whether you run an e-commerce store or a website for a rehab center, you need content. It might be a few paragraphs describing your products and services or lengthy posts that are more than 500 words long. Whichever case your content falls in, it must be original. When you hire the wrong team, issues with your content may include over-use of keywords and duplicate content. Google’s Panda update continuously penalizes websites for thin content. Such a penalty will drop your website to the bottom of the search results despite the amount of money you may have spent hiring the SEO team and on local seo services.

– Poor quality link building
The worst that could happen to your website is getting a myriad of links from link farms. This unprofessional link building process gathers links from poor quality, and irrelevant sources. The sites in link farms have an unnatural reciprocal linking strategy. Hence, you might end up with links from payday loan websites yet you run a fitness blog. When this happens, you have to hire another SEO team to audit your website and begin an arduous clean-up process.
In addition, to beat deadlines, the inexperienced SEO team may insert spam comments on various blogs across the web to reach the target number of links promised in the contract. In most cases, those links are no-follow links with no impact on your ranking. Those links may also earn you a penalty for linking from irrelevant blogs. Such an SEO team may promise 20 backlinks in a month and eventually get just one worthwhile link in a month. The other option for such a clueless team might be paying to get backlinks from bloggers. To earn money, the bloggers will write thin content and insert a link to your website even when such a link is not relevant to your ranking or to your website’s traffic.
– High bounce rate
An optimizer can fool search engines for a while but he/she cannot fool users. After rising to the top of the search engines through dubious ways, when a user clicks to enter your website and finds irrelevant or wrong content, he/she will automatically leave your website. This routine will continue for a while until search engines assume your website doesn’t have the best content for that query. Hence, your website will go back to the second or subsequent page on search results.
SEO is important to gain website traffic and improve your page rank. Nevertheless, get professional, certified services only.