Getting updates on your website done with a wordpress maintenance service


Running a website can be difficult and time-consuming work. With the constant need for updating information and checking that everything is working correctly, websites can take more of your time than you may have to give. Getting updates on your website done with a WordPress maintenance service can free up your time so that you can concentrate on more impending tasks.

Recently thousands of different WordPress services have appeared that offer a variety of services to the user. While some only handle minor updates, otherĀ wordpress website support services will update all of the content for you on a consistent basis as well as provide backup and even security.

WP Curve
This maintenance service has nearly 1,000 active customers due to their quality staff and their support team which speaks a range of languages. With WP Curve, consumers can update small WordPress needs that total 30 minutes or less. Clients submit an email to the company, and they make the changes within eight hours. This service costs about $79 per month, however also comes with a plan for $99 a month for the professional service that not only updates more content but also provides security. The highest package offered by the company is $199 for their VIP service which makes it so that you can submit up to three different update needs at one time, and once the job is completed, it is checked by the quality team. If you have multiple websites that need updating, you will have to purchase a separate plan for each website.

WP Site Care
WP Site Care also offers WordPress services for an average of $79 a month. With this service, users can request an unlimited amount of assistance with updates, security, technical problems, etc., and the staff will respond to the request within an hour. Site care will update the content on your page proactively while also monitoring it constantly. If something happens to go wrong during the update of your website, this service also constantly backs up your content through Amazon Cloud so that you never lose content.

WP Maintainer
This WordPress service has a flat rate of $99 per month and will update your websites regularly including not only content but also themes, plugin updates, security, etc. One of the top services, WP Maintainer, conducts monthly monitoring of malware through Sucuri, and clients can submit numerous orders at one time.

One of the cheapest services available, Maintain is created by WebDevStudios who also services Microsoft and costs around $49 a month. This service will respond to your requests for updated content on your website in approximately 30 minutes for premium customers. Also through the $99 premium package, customers have constant access to the Maintain platform, 24/7 monitoring for security, help with plug-in updates, and back-ups of content.

These are only a handful of the maintenance services available. Most services offer several service hours or tickets and then require a certain length of response time to fix the problem. Every service provides a backup in case of any complications. When they are asked to update your content, the services will always back up the original, update it per your request, and send you the finished product for your approval or editing. Getting updates on your website done with a WordPress maintenance service is fast and easy saving you both time and money.