Should you replace or repair an LCD screen?

A liquid-crystal display (LCD) is a screen-display technology that uses the light controlling property of liquid crystals to produce color images. Nowadays, LCD screens have a wide variety of applications and are being used in computer monitors, televisions, airplane cockpit displays, digital cameras, watches, calculators, smartphones, instrument panels and the list goes on and on. The display in a regular LCD flat-screen is designed to last 40k viewing hours, almost 20 years.

If the LCD screen goes out of order, the first question arises is whether to replace it or to repair it? There can be varying answers to this question depends upon the conditions and circumstances of the user. The decision of repairing or replacement depends upon the following three factors:

1. Issue with the LCD screen or CCFL 
2. Manufacturer’s warranty
3. Budget

The best and most reliable service for repair or replacement is provided by the manufacturer itself. So if your device is still in the warranty period of the manufacturer, look no further and go for replacement or repair as per their rules and regulations. It won’t cost much, and the device would also get refreshed for lasting longer.

Now if the warranty period is over, then which option would be optimum? Replace or repair? If the screen is damaged or cracked, irrespective of the device, the repairs are never economical and getting the screen replaced is the best option in this scenario. Furthermore, mostly the physical damages or cracks are unrepairable hence replacement is the only option left.

In case of a smartphone (or any device having an LCD display), the display usually gets physically damaged, and thus replacement becomes a requirement. But in case of LCD television, the diagnostics figure out if the repair is favorable/possible or not. Sometimes, the issue is only with power switches or the cables and can be fixed easily. In addition to that, the problem with a power supply or the motherboard of the television can also create display issues which are repairable, and, repairing is preferable rather economical in this case provided it is done by a certified professional as this is most important to a number of people who are well known.

On the contrary, if the LCD screen is damaged or cracked, replacing it might cost you almost equal to buying a new television. The best option is, if the television is not under guarantee, to repair the screen for minor issues and to get a new television for a cracked screen. Replacing the screen would cost nearly equal to buying a new television, why not to upgrade the television, model?

Summarizing it; the first thing is to look for a warranty. If the warranty period isn’t over, there is no other option than to utilize the services of the manufacturer. On the other side, if there is no warranty and the decision is to be made between repairing and replacement, the cost has to be compared. If the cost of repairing is too high, then replacing the screen rather buying the new model of the device would be a wise option.