The Adventure of Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home can be both adventurous and stressful at the same time. The new house may be more spacious and good looking than the old one. But moving homes can be time consuming and tiring work, especially when you are working full time. To manage this better check out

There are a number of factors that contribute to why moving homes takes so long. This is a short overview of some of them and how they come about. Of course situations may differ from person to person depending on our ways of life.


People who are unemployed or work from home will most likely spend less time moving than people who have to travel to work daily. As a full time worker, you will have to organize different aspects of moving during your free time (lunch or after work). During these times, you are less likely to complete everything. This means you will spend more time on things such as packing and placing your items in different boxes.


Distance is another factor that makes moving houses a long process. If you are moving to a house that is close, you are less likely to take long. In the event that you are moving across the country, your move could take up to a month or more. For instance: You will have to oversee the process and make sure your stuff is home safe. This means you will have to travel back and forth across the country. When you get to either side, you will have to rest for at least a day or two before you travel back. This will make your move take longer because moving household items usually cannot be done at once. Even with large road haulers it is still not possible to speed up the process. Assuming that your move covers a distance of 1000 miles, you may wait for your items for up to 72 hours. Due to safety regulations and policies of different companies, drivers are required to take frequent stops on their routes. In addition to that, they are only allowed to drive at a certain speed.

Size of the House

This factor should be simple to understand. Moving items from a big house will take longer than from a small one. In a big house, there are many rooms to cover. In each room you will need to organize and pack your stuff according to their class (photos, fragile items, bed sheets, etc).

Household Items

Lastly, it is the amount of items you have in your house that will make your move take longer. Some houses have attics, basements, and separate storage rooms. Can you imagine how many items are in there? Cleaning out those storage units can even take longer than other rooms. Usually when people move, useless and unwanted goods are left behind, sold, or donated somewhere.

This means you will have to browse through the items in the storage to find the ones you need and those you don’t.

Your new home may bejust what you have always been looking for. But moving in may be more than what you expected. There is no specific reason why moving homes takes so long, there are too many factors to consider. What is certain is that all of them will influence the duration of the move in one way or another.