Types of Forklifts


If you are a new warehouse owner or venturing into the construction industry then you might be considering buying or hiring a forklift. But with many different types of forklifts out there, getting one that is perfect for your work environment can be really daunting.

To help you make that decision without having to go through a lot of hustle, we have sampled the best forklifts and how they are designed to handle different types of tasks as seen in Forklift Training.

1. Counterbalance Lift

This forklift is uniquely designed to handle the heavy load without losing its balance. Counterbalance lift is fitted with a weight in its rear part to balance the load that is lifted using arms that are fitted in the front part. It is one of the easiest forklifts to operate as it has fairly shorts arms that are inserted under the load and lifted with ease. If you visit a warehouse chances are that you will see a counterbalance lift as they are the most commonly used, and better yet allows you to lift your load at a closer range. And the best part? You can choose from either propane, electric, or diesel operated counterbalance.

2. Sideloaders

If your work environment is dominated by narrow aisles and you need to move long and heavy loads, then a sideloader forklift might just be that perfect machine for you. It is uniquely designed with arms that are fitted on the side. This gives this forklift an edge over the others as it can operate in an extremely constricted environments. And there is more! You can choose from either an Enclosed Cab sideloader that are designed to lift a heavy load in an outdoor environment or choose the stand-up model that is designed to operate in a constricted indoor narrow aisles.

3. Reach Trucks

When you need to lift heavy loads to a considerable height safely, and with a lot of ease then it is advisable to get a reach truck. It can lift heavy loads of up to 3 tons to a maximum height of 13 meters. This is a true gem to warehouse owners who need to save on space by staking their wares in high vertical columns. How does it operate? Well, reach truck has arms that can extend way over the machine as well as legs that stabilizes the machines as it reaches to the upper racks. When you need to lift even heavier load to a greater height, then you can use a double reach forklift.

4. Stand-Up Electric Forklifts

This is one of the types of forklifts that are operated exclusively
with electric power. They come in different sizes. The smaller units have carrying capacity of up to 3000lbs while the larger one can carry loads of up to 5500lbs. They are ideal especially if you are working on a smooth surface that will allow you to quickly load or offload items. Besides, they have amazing manoeuvrability as they are built with a close up turning radius.

5. Order Pickers

It’s a special type of forklift as it is designed not only lift load but also the rider so as to hand pick specific loads. They are appropriate to use when a rider needs to pick items that are stacked high in a narrow aisle. It has a carrying capacity of up to 5000lbs and can operate using 48, 36 or 24V.


Different types of forklifts perform different types of work. Besides, they have different carrying load capacities and can be operated using fuel or electric power. The good thing is that you can always find a forklift that can suit your work environment.